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(1 pc 3Ply Face Mask and 1 pc KN95 Face Mask Free Samples Available for You Check our mask quality, Contact Us for More)

  • Disposable Face Medical Masks

  • PTEF nano materials

  • Three Layer Filtration

  • Elastic Ear Loops

  • Color: Sky Blue

  • Qty: 50 Pieces/box

Excellent Medical Masks

Face Masks for Both Medical and Daily Use


Medical Masks Applications in Different Locations

Details Determine Good Marks

Magic Nose Bar

Adjusting the Fit to the Face

Enhance Comfort Level

High Elastic Ear-Hook

High-elastic loose-belt design

Comfortable to wear

Don’t Tighten the Ear

Folding Design

3-Layer Folding Design

Extra-Large Space

Breathe more comfortably

Soft Fabric Materials

Brand-New Fabric

Skin-Friendly & Comfortable

More Medical Mask Details

3 Ply Medical Face Mask Descriptions:

  • Disposable non-woven keep you away from dust pollen, and smoke.
  • Perfect for you when traveling through busy airports, stations, malls, parks, and urban streets.
  • Will fit for most ears and the package is 50 pieces per set.
  • With 3 Layers Design: Non-woven ,good for your family, most suitable for adults. It’s also great for painters and construction workers.
  • Well packaged 50 packs.

Strict Production and Quality Assurance System

Surgical Mask Production and Quality Assurance Display


Medical Mask Video Display

Dcmask.com is a website under CYCO Group (Liuyang Dimension Medical Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and Hunan Changyuan Technology Co., Ltd). Dcmask.com insists on providing excellent quality medical face masks to the customers over all the world.

Especially recently, along with the influenza and COVID-19 Raging in the world, Dcmask.com hope to provide more high-quality and cost-effective medical face masks to prevent the flue.

Medical Mask Making Machines Display


Disposable Medical Mask CE Certificate

Disposable Medical Mask CE Certificate

Medical Mask Packing and Shipping


Detailed Packing Information(Standard Size for adult):

Color box: 20 x 10 x 9 cm (50 pcs/box)

Color box weight: 191 g

Carton box (Brown): 55 x 38.5 x 19 cm   (20 color boxes x 50 pcs) =1000 pcs

Carton Gross weight: 4.65 kg

Carton Volume weight: 8.05 kg

Carton Volume: 0.0402325 cbm

1×20 container: 700 cartons x 1000pcs = 700,000 pcs (28 cbm)

1×40 container: 1400 cartons x 1000pcs = 1,400,000 pcs (54 cbm)

1×40 HQ container: 1700 cartons x 1000pcs = 1,700, 000 pcs (68 cbm)

Detailed Packing Information(Children face mask size):

Color box:  (50 pcs/box)

Color box weight: 191 g

Carton box (Brown): 52 x 32.5 x 19 cm   (20 color boxes x 50 pcs) =1000 pcs

Carton Gross weight: 4.35 kg

Carton Volume weight: 6.62 kg

Carton Volume: 0.03211 cbm

1×20 container: 870 cartons x 1000pcs = 870,000 pcs (28 cbm)

1×40 container: 1750 cartons x 1000pcs = 1,750,000 pcs (54 cbm)

1×40 HQ container: 2120 cartons x 1000pcs = 2,120, 000 pcs (68 cbm)

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(1 pc 3 Ply Face Mask and 1 pc KN95 Face Mask Free Samples Available for You Check our mask quality before bulk order, only Customer afford the Express Shipping Cost)

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